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Monday, October 10, 2011

Garden Rose Tutorial (Flower Petal Blossoms New File)

Here is your 1st Tutorial for the New File
Garden Rose

You will need 12 large pears cut at 1 x 1.375
and 10 small pears cut at .7 x 1
a snowflake 2 x 1.7 (from FileKutz Snowflake Collection 1)
and two leaves 2.25 x 2.45
Ink all the edges front and back
the snowflake doesn't matter too
 much since you will not see it
cut the largest petal from the leaves off
I used the round top from my exacto knife to 
manipulate the petals and soften the paper.
Rub the paper in a circular motion
use your paper piercer to fold around in the middle
and then fold each side backwards
gives you this
Use your exacto knife again to manipulate the paper
of the snowflake also in a circular motion
You will end up with a cup of sort
again, manipulate the leaves
I use my embossing roller to create stems
and veins 
I use hot glue (my preference) but you can use
any quick dry glue to attach the petals to 
the snowflake cup
add to each of the 6 points of the snowflake
in a layered pattern
1st layer completed
now start with the 2nd layer and offset the 
petals using the rest of the 6 large pear petals
finished 2nd layer
now start with the next 8 small pears and layer
them on top of the larger pears
keep going around until they are all used up
you should have 2 small pears left
wrap them around your paper piercer
pretty tightly
gives you this
insert one petal into the other one
snip a bit off the end depending how deep you
want your middle to be...
hot glue into the center of the flower
squish...don't be shy, the hot glue holds
it together firmly, but you need to manipulate
the flower to your liking
I squished from both sides
then cup the flower in your hand
and squish again until you like
the fullness
add a bit of hot glue to the stem of the leaves
and here is your 3d rose
side view
top side

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and come visit Brenda B.'s Blog for more great creations


  1. Love the embossed leaves, beautiful flower!

  2. Nicely done tutorial...thanks for sharing!