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Monday, October 10, 2011

Flower Petal Blossoms 2nd Tutorial "Black Rose" By Sharon S

Here is a 2nd tutorial for you using
FileKutz Design File "Flower Petal Blossoms"
By: Sharon S
"Black Rose"

FileKutz’s "Flower Petal Blossoms" is a must have file for everyone, you can purchase it for $1.99 at FileKutz Design's Shop.  Included in the file are many petals, stems and leaves to mix and match and make many different types of flowers.    I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a rose with part of the file. 

 I took the “heart” shaped petals and cut the whole group four times which will create one rose.   I chose several different leaves to cut out so that I can play with them and see which one I like the best for my project. 

I then used my piercer to punch a hole in the bottom of each heart shaped petal.  And then using a brad, I layered the petals on it starting first with the smallest set to the largest set. 
When you are done, it will look like this, I know, not much of a rose at this point, but stick with me here!! 
 I then started scrunching up the petals starting in the middle………

……and keep going until you have scrunched each petal.   I know, still not looking like a rose but trust me, it will. 
Then you take any skinny round tool you have like your piercer, a thin pencil or stick (I used a wooden skewer) and starting on the outside petals, roll each petal around the tool……….like pictured below.
Leave a couple petals scrunched in the middle to create the rose center.  You see, it has started to look like a rose now. 

I then added black diamond stickles to my rose and a couple of red “splatters” so I can use it for a new project coming up……stay tuned to the FILEKUTZ’s blogs or forums to see what the black rose has transformed into and how it will be used.  Thank you Sharon S, come visit me on my Blog for more creative ideas.


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