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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flower and Butterflies Everywhere

So this week me and my CT wanted to show you how you can make and decorate the FileKutz Butterfly Collection and Flower collection. And this week only, they will be on sale from Aug 1st to the 7th. You can find the butterfly collection HERE and the flower collection HERE. These are only a few of the style's you can make with these two files, there are many more and more combination's.

We have used, stickles, liquid pearls and glossy accents, embossing, glitter glue, inks, flocking, flowersoft, microbeads, brads, metallic paper and ribbon. Hope you enjoy looking at the ladies work.. they did a great job!
If you click on the pictures Of Diane and Kelly flower's you will get enlarge images so you can see the detail
First we have Diane's:

She also used brads, cat's eye chalk, distresser, stickles and buttons on her flowers.

Next We have Kelly's

Kelly's Butterflies:
1. The top layer of the purple butterfly is coated with microbeads and I added pen stitching around the body.
2. The orange butterfly has an outline of Stickles on the bottom layer and the other 2 layers are embossed and inked. The body has been coated with Stickles.
3. The middle pink butterfly has been coated with Flower Soft on its top layer.
4. The orange butterfly has brown flocking on the body.
5. The last butterfly has pen stitching on the bottom layer, the top layer has been embossed and inked, and the body is covered with Stickles..


1. The blue flower has an outline of Stickles on the bottom layer and the top layer is covered with Flower Soft.
2. The top layer of the rose is coated with microbeads.
3. The pink flower uses patterned paper for the bottom layer, the middle layer is covered with Stickles, the top layer is embossed and more Stickles were added to the raised dots. I finished it off with an oversized brad in the center.
4. The purple flower has pen stitching on the bottom layer, the middle and top layers were embossed and I inked the raised portions.
5. The last flower has brown flocking on the top layer and an oversized brad in the center.

And then I also did some flowers.. I wanted to do butterflies to but I could not find the time! I have been very busy this week and preparing for company, the newletters, football practice, vacation bible school and MUCH MUCH more.. but my CT did a great job with there's so I Greatly appricate that they could do this for me! Thank you Ladies!!

My Halloween Ribbon Flower

Summwe Flower

Heart of Love Flower

Christmas poinsettia flower:
All Boy Flower:

And last but not least!! ALL Girl Flower:

Hope all these flowers give you some great idea's on how to you my file's!! And we would love to see flower's and butterflies you have made!!

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